Message from the Building Code Enforcement Officer

To: Residents of the Borough of East Lansdowne:

This letter is to introduce myself to the residents of the Borough of East Lansdowne. My name is Robert Mould. I have been appointed as the Building Code Official for the borough, effective 10/20/2014. In my role as building code official some of my duties include administering building permits and use and occupancy (U&O) permits. I will also be required to oversee the building inspectors/inspections.

My first two weeks have been a learning experience. After speaking with some of the residents during the course of my duties, I have come across a major concern. It seems to be a misunderstanding of borough zoning and building regulations by some East Lansdowne residents. Unless a property goes up for sale or a building permit is requested or the property has safety concerns, I will not be able to correct any of the mistakes made in the past. Going forward all permits, zoning and building will be administered according to code as they are

currently written in the official book. These codes are subject to change if policies warrant it. In the event there are updates or changes made to these codes that information will be made public on the borough website.

I respectfully request your patience and understanding as we go through the process of standardizing the codes department of the Borough of East Lansdowne.

Thank You,

Robert Mould
Code Enforcement Officer