An Open Letter to the Residents of East Lansdowne

June 22, 2020

A Message To Our Residents:

We were recently asked by a resident, what we are doing as a community to have a better relationship with our police since so much has been going on.

Let us first say that like the rest of the nation, we were shocked, saddened and outraged by the tragic death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police.

Those that take a life or harm another must be held accountable, whether they are law enforcement or average citizens.

We recognize that racism and social injustice exists and that is the responsibility of us all, from elected officials, law enforcement and the general public to condemn such behavior and extinguish the sin of racism and social injustice from our society.

We also recognize that in our Borough, our police officers have and will continue to play a positive role in our community.

Lastly, we recognize the need to continue fostering an atmosphere of trust and accountability, and to continue to build a positive relationship between our leaders, law enforcement and our residents.

To that end, East Lansdowne has already established the following:

  1. Our officers are outfitted with body cameras to provide transparency in investigation activities.
  2. Ongoing training in procedure and policy to provide officers with the most current methods in providing the best protection to our residents.
  3. Diversity training for all officers that will assist in understanding the community they serve.
  4. Ongoing events such as Council Meetings, Community Day, Borough Newsletters and other community events will continue to allow residents the opportunity to interact with elected leaders, police and first responders in a positive manner

As always, we welcome community questions, input and ideas as to how to better continue the process of community building in a positive way forward.


Council President, Lindsay Crosby                                   Mayor, John Dukes